Thursday, January 24, 2013

Job Searching 101: Online Applications

Hello all! Sorry it took me so long to post again! I had a crazy week and I'm just exhausted. As a rule of thumb I'm going to try to post every 2-3 days and to catch up I will post everyday to finish out the Job Searching 101 series.

When filling out applications everyday over and over you begin to realize you're just answering the same questions although the format may not be the same. When I first started, it took me longer to fill them out because I had to keep looking up the same information each time. Since you can't submit a generic application with each position I decided to create my own generic job application so I can just simply copy and paste. As I went through the different applications I got a better idea of what to add to my generic list to make it easier. At this point, I pretty much have all the information I need for each position. I keep my list on my Google Drive (formerly Google Docs) instead of my hard drive that way I have access to it wherever I go. I also just learned Google Drive has templates similar to Microsoft Word. I'm going to try and make my list into a template to post it here for you guys to use as a better guide. 

Also included with my generic application is a plain text version of my Resume and Cover Letter. What that means is my Resume is without formatting for simple copy and paste in to a text box. Instead of bullet points I use a dash (-). 

Here's the basic layout of my generic application. 
  • Education:
    • High School and address
    • University and address
  • Work Experience
    • Facility #1
      • Job Title
      • Address of facility
      • Facility phone number
      • Name of Supervisor
        • Supervisor number
        • email
        • Official Title
      • Dates of employment
      • Starting and ending wages
      • Job description 
      • Why position ended 
    • Facility #2
  • Certifications
    • Nursing License # and exp. date w/date license was issued
    • BLS exp. date
    • ACLS/PALS, etc. 
  • Plain Text Resume and Cover Letter 
  • References
    • Reference #1
      • Job title
      • Phone number
      • Email
      • Address (use school address or the reference's work address)
      • How you know reference
      • Years Acquainted
    • Reference #2
    • Reference #3
  • Past Addresses (for the past 10 years)
    • Address
    • Dates
I hope this helps a lot! It may take a while gathering it all together, but it will save a lot of time. Copy and paste is your best friend! 

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