Tuesday, January 8, 2013

New Grads Need Not Apply

If you're a new RN like me, you are all to familiar with these five little words. I've heard a few stories of applicants that went ahead and applied to those positions anyway and got an interview or even a job. My mantra is that those words are there for a reason. It's kind of like a "STAY OFF THE GRASS" sign. Some people walk around, but others dare to walk anyway. The more I came across theses words in my job search, the more frustrating it became. The more I realized that my options are limited. 

I created this blog for those of you that have seen those words too many times. Each entry will be a testament to the struggle of being a New RN Graduate. It doesn't matter if you're ADN, BSN, MSN, ABC. We are all affected by the difficulty of obtaining that one year of experience. I know we are each other's competition, but you're also my fellow nurse sisters and brothers. Together we struggle, together we rise. We are all the future of health care (no matter your age!). Whether it takes you (or me) a few months to a few years to finally get some use out of that license, we will get there eventually. 

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